Brittany  *Adopted*

【Age】4 months old

  (Est. born on October 11, 2018)
【Weight】8.3 kg

- Great with dogs and good with cats

- Great with children

- Very affectionate to both adult and kids once she warms up to them

- Loves to play and she is great with alone time as well

- Loves to cuddle ALL THE TIME

- Nervous around strangers, but she will still let strangers pet her

- Alert to sounds and she will listen very carefully to identify the sound if it is unfamiliar

- Walks well on a leash, but Brittany might be a bit nervous at first in a new environment

- Doesn't guard her food towards people nor other animals

- Knows to use training pads to do her business indoor

- Brittany behaves well during car-rides, but she gets slight car-sick sometimes