【Age】5.5 months old

  ((Est.) Born on September 18, 2019)


【Weight】11 kg


Bridget was found near a car wash place and it seems likes she was abandoned there. The owner of the car wash told the rescuer that she’d like to keep Bridget, but after a month, she called the rescuer and told her to take Bridget away. When the rescuer went to pick up Bridget, the owner’s last words to Bridget were “I left you somewhere else, but who knew you would come back again. Now I’m asking others to take you away” The rescuer was furious, but thankfully Bridget is now in good care!


Bridget is a Formosan mix who will grow up to be about a medium sized dog and be about 35lbs-40lbs when full grown. She is good with other dogs and loves to play. When it comes to people she knows, she is very affectionate and will dive into their arms for pets. She is good with children and will want to play with them though sudden movements or loud sounds might still scare her. Upon meeting strangers, she is shyer when it comes to men and will run to hide, but she will warm up a little faster with women and children. Bridget loves food and she is not food aggressive towards people, but will bark at other dogs if they get close to her bowl while she’s eating. This might have been because the previous owner didn’t feed her as often and would starve her. Bridget is currently learning housetraining and she knows to use training pads when being indoor. Bridget is great and gentle with cats that she will want to sniff them, and she can also stay beside a cat quietly. Bridget loves to play, either play with her toys alone, play with people, children or other dogs. Bridget is hoping to find her furever family who truly loves her!