Brenda    *Adopted*


【Age】1 year old

  (Born on July 7, 2018 (est.))


【Weight】16 kg


Brenda had an owner before. Her previous owner loved Brenda, but she had a rare illness that she can’t bring Brenda out for walk often and they spent most of their time quietly at home or just in the yard. In March 2019, the girl’s illness exacerbated and the doctor said she might be spending the rest of her life in the hospital. Therefore, she reached out to our volunteer and hoping to find Brenda a forever loving home who is able to take Brenda out often to enjoy running under the sunshine. 


Brenda grew up mostly indoor without much contact to the outside society, so it took our volunteer sometime to train Brenda with socialization. Brenda is a very sweet and smart girl that she catches up pretty fast! Brenda is not afraid of both male and female strangers and sometimes, she will approach strangers friendly for some petting, but if the strangers show large movement, Brenda will startle and run away. For people that Brenda knew, she will put her head on your laps and show how much she loves you! Brenda loves to be petted, loves to cuddle and loves to be hugged. Brenda is great with kids and loves to be petted by kids as well, but we don’t recommend to leave Brenda with children under 7 years old, as Brenda is still learning to control her strength with children and we worry that she might knock down young kids when she gets too playful. Brenda is great and playful with other dogs, even new dog friends that she just met, but she doesn’t like dogs who play rough that she will turn and walk away. Brenda is curious about cats and still trying to figure out what they are. Brenda is generally fine with noise, but she will be very nervous with very loud sound such as ambulance or excavator. Brenda doesn’t guard her food against people nor other dogs, but she will gulf down her food when there are other dogs around. Brenda is house-trained and knows to potty outside. Brenda loves loves loves to go outdoors to play and run on the grass, but she is not ready for long hikes or intense running yet as Brenda will need more exercise to build up her strength first due to lack of exercise before. Brenda loves food, except lamb or anything with lamb flavor and she is allergic to fish and fish by-products. Brenda loves chicken and anything with chicken flavor though!