【Age】8 months

  (As of August 2020)


【Weight】17 kg


On February 3, 2020, 12 puppies were found abandoned outside a love mom’s house. They were weak and starving. The love mom took all of them in and Bonnie was one of them! After a few months in the foster home, Bonnie is now ready to find her own forever home! Bonnie and Benny are siblings.


Bonnie is a cute girl who loves to play with her doggie pals, but is a little shy when meeting new doggies. If a dog growls at her, she’ll take it all in. She is good with people she knows and she will be a little shadow following her hoomans around. She is good with kids and will let them pet her all over. When meeting strangers she’s not too scared and she will go over slowly for pets, however, she’s a little scared of tall men, but if they crouch down and go slow, she will let them pet her. Bonnie loves food and she is not food aggressive towards people nor other dogs. She goes outside for potty but when changing to a new environment, she might have some oopies. Keep up the training and she’ll catch on! She’s curious about cats but if the cats don’t care about her, she’ll walk away.