Bonita  *Adopted*

【Age】4.5 months old

  (As of August 2019)
【Weight】6.5 kg

Bonita and Lolita were rescued in the woods near a tunnel. Although they look a little different, as they were together and around the same age, we assume they are siblings.


Bonita has a gentle and calm temperament. She loves to be with people and play with other dogs. She is also good with kids and cats! Bonita is friendly to everyone, including strangers, but when being in a new environment, she will still be nervous which is understandable as she has not seen the world much. With patience and more exposure in the social functions, she can definitely gain more confidence! Bonita has not master leash-walking yet and she will need further training in walking on a leash. She is food-motivated which will comes in handy during training sessions and she doesn’t guard her food against people nor other animals. Bonita has not used to car-rides either and gets mild car-sick sometimes, with continuous training/practice, she will be able improve her balance as well. Bonita currently goes outside to potty, but in a new environment, accidents in the house is expected.