【Age】4 years old

  (as of March 2020)


【Weight】17 kg


Bobby was abandoned along with his sister in the wild when he was only 3 months old. He was fortunately found and rescued, and has been with his foster now for about 3 years. Over the years Bobby hasn’t found his ideal home, and we’re hoping to find him the loving furever home he deserves in Vancouver!


Bobby is people-friendly, and gets along superbly with other dogs. He loves to play with his doggie friends and he will observe unfamiliar dogs from a distance at first. He is curious about cats and he will want to approach to sniff them. He’s great with strangers and children too! He is usually a bit unsure in a new environment, and shadows his humans closely for a couple of days before he relaxes. He loves cuddles and snuggles! Bobby has no food aggression toward anyone, and has been house-trained. He tends to whine a bit when left at home, but is usually ok on his own after a few minutes. His greatest weakness is his fondness of anything edible, and definitely welcomes any feeding. Bobby is waiting to find a family to call his home!


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Vancouver, B.C. , Canada

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