Blanco    *Adopted*

【Age】Est, 1 year old

  (As of April 2019)
【Weight】17 kg

Blanco was found in early 2018 in a cold weather. He fell into a sewage pipe up in the mountains and was discovered by someone that was passing by where he rescued him out. He was first placed into a shelter where he stayed until he was around 8 months old. Due to lack of resources at the shelter, Blanco did not receive proper care and medical treatment there that he had severe skin infection and suffer from anemia. A volunteer saw Blanco at the shelter and decided to took Blanco out to foster and take care of him with the intention in finding a permanent home for him. Blanco is now ready, completely health and has passed all the medical blood tests that he is ready to start his second chance in life!

Blanco is very friendly, affectionate, active and playful! He loves to cuddle up with people and make sure he gets his pets. He is great with dogs and loves to eat. He engulfs his food but he is not food aggressive. Blanco still has his puppy energy and tends to pull while he is on-leash as he loves to go on adventure and excited to explore his surroundings. Blanco is housetrained, but marking inside the house in the beginning is still expected. Blanco loves outdoor activities and also loves to play/chew with his toys! Blanco will be more suitable with a family with active lifestyle that Blanco will definitely be a great companion for long hikes or running everyday!