Blake  *Adopted*


【Age】4.5 months old

  (Est. born on June 30, 2019) 


【Weight】8.8 kg  


Blake and her siblings were born under a vendor stand in an area surrounded by lots of storefronts and businesses. Love mom saw the lonely pup and asked the vendor if the mother dog was seen anywhere but it seemed like the mother had given birth and disappeared. Not sure if she was captured or what happened. With no one to care for the pups, the love mum decided to take them in.


Blake is a sweet little pup who is great with other pups and can play together. She hasn’t been tested with bigger dogs so not sure if she’s ok with them, but slow introduction will definitely help her open up. When it comes to strangers, she a little nervous, but she can still be petted. Even though she is nervous meeting kids for the first time, she can still be petted by kids. Slow movements and no sudden movements will help her loosen up faster. Blake is very treat-motivated and she doesn’t guard her food/treats against people nor other dogs. She’s still learning potty training but is a smart little girl and will catch on with training and she prefers to go outdoor for potty that she will hold as long as she can. She’ll wag her tail when she’s around cats but she will not approach. She’s curious about cats and want to befriend with them, yet she is scared to approach. Blake will grow to be medium-sized and she will be a great companion for outdoor activities or snuggling at home!