Betty *Adopted*


【Age】Estimated 2.5 - 3  years old    (As of July 2018)


【Weight】24 kg


Last autumn, Betty appeared out of no where in a quiet village. She was wearing a collar at the time, but the rescuer asked around and no one knew where or which family she came from. At first, the rescuer took the TNR approach, but soon she began to worry about how Betty could survive the upcoming winter. Also, she knew that local residents typically chase away dogs violently. As such, she reached out for help, and found a foster family for Betty. Ultimately, they want to find Betty a furever, loving home.


Betty is a happy, easily satisfied dog by nature, and loves being around people. She snuggles up to people and licks your hand as a sign of friendship. She especially loves guys, and would not hesitate to give you a big kiss! She even kissed the vet numerous times while he was cleaning her ears one time! Betty also enjoys making dog friends, and gets along great with kids. She is well-socialized with other animals. As a Formosan Mountain mix, Betty’s black, shiny coat is short and easy to maintain. Betty is current with her shots, and is ready to fly to Vancouver to start the next stage of adventures with her beloved humans!

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British Columbia, Canada

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