Betsy *Adopted*


【Age】4 months old

  (Est. born on Oct. 4, 2018)


【Weight】7.1 kg


Betsy, Belinda and Bridget are siblings. They were abandoned in a sewage near a park when they were less than two months old. The rescuer saw them, brought the siblings home to take care of them, in hopes to find their own permanent loving homes.

Betsy, just like her sisters, she is an energetic smart little pup who loves to play. She loves to run around in the park and she loves to snuggle with people as well. Betsy is food-motivate which will comes in handy for puppy training. She also knows to sit and wait patiently for her food to be served and she doesn't protect her food or toys against people or other animals. She loves to dig but she will stop when you tell her to. When meeting strangers, Betsy will be a bit shy and tends to hide, but she will warm up faster with treats/food. Betsy knows to go outside for potty and she will hold as long as she can until she goes outside. Betsy will grow to be medium-sized with a short coat that will be easy to maintain. Betsy's ears currently goes up and down, but she will have standing ears as she grow up!