【Age】8 months
  (Est. Born in January 2020)
【Weight】11 kg

>> Background History <<

Bert was abandoned in a neighbourhood one day. The residence there hates stray dogs and often chase them away. Bert was reported and captured to the shelter soon after. The volunteers at the shelter were trying to find Bert’s original owner at first, but no one ever show up. He has no luck finding a new family either. One of our rescuers saw Bert and decided to bring him out of the shelter to help him find a forever loving home ourselves!

>> Temperament <<

Bert is a goofy, loving and gentle boy. He can be calm at home and be can also be adventurous with outdoor activities. He is friendly, loves to be around people and not afraid to approach people for pets. Bert is very cuddly, loves to be hugged or sleeps on his human’s lap. He is gentle around children and enjoy playing with children. He is not afraid of strangers and he will let strangers to pet him. Bert is great with other dogs and loves to befriend with new dog friends he just met. Bert is nervous around cats and unsure how to react. He won’t bark nor being aggressive to cats, but he will be nervous and observe from a distance. Bert loves food, knows to sit and wait for his human to prepare his food and he doesn’t guard his food against people nor other dogs. Bert is still learning house-training, so accidents in the house is expected. He is also learning about walking on a leash, he sometimes gets curious and excited to explore his surroundings. Bert is a Formosan mix and will grow to be on the smaller side of medium-sized, possibly around 35lbs when fully grown.