Bernis *Adopted*

【Age】1 year & 9 months old
  (As of Jan 2019)
【Weight】16 kg

Bernis was abandoned near a sewage pipe when she was about a month old and even almost drowned. The love mom who saw her had a lot of strays in her care that she couldn’t take on another, so she took little Bernis to a shelter nearby. However, the shelter was overcrowded and Bernis was too gentle and too tender that she always got bullied by other dogs in the shelter for space. The love mom was concerned about Bernis, so she went back and check on her once in a while. Seeing other dogs being mean on Bernis that she always hid at the corner, the love mom took Bernis home and foster her with the intention to finding her a permanent loving home.


Bernis is a friendly and obedient girl. She is gentle, calm, shy and quiet. Bernis is medium-sized and has fully grown to her adult size. She is great with kids and great with other dogs. Bernis loves to be with people and being petting on the head. She is shy but still curious about strangers. Bernis walks well on a leash and she knows to stay close to her handler, however, she gets startled sometimes when there is a sudden or loud noise and she will need a family who will be patient with her to build up her confidence. Bernis is house-trained, crate-trained and behaves very well in car-rides.​ Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.