【Age】7 months

  (Est. Born in January, 2020)


【Weight】18 kg


On February 3, 2020, 12 puppies were found abandoned outside a love mom’s house. They were weak and starving. The love mom took them all in and Benny was one of them!


After a months of fostering, Benny is now all healthy and ready to find his forever home! Benny is an energetic little boy who loves playing with his doggie pals and will observe new doggies before approaching them. He is good with people including kids and enjoys a good rub down! As long as strangers go slow, Benny will come over for a good belly rub. He gets scared at sudden loud noises so will need to avoid loud construction sites. Benny loves food and is not food aggressive towards people but will sometimes bark at other dogs if the treat smells insanely delicious. He is allergic to chicken!! He goes outside for potty and will use the peepad at home. He gets a little car sick and does not enjoy baths. He will try to escape so after a bath, definitely praise him so he can learn and start to enjoy it more. He has not been tested with cats yet.

Note: Arrives in Vancouver on July 23, 2020