【Age】8 months

  (As of August 2020)


【Weight】18 kg 


On February 3, 2020, 12 puppies were found abandoned outside a love mom’s house. They were weak and starving. The love mom took all of them in and Ben was one of them! After a few months in the foster home, Ben is now ready to find his own forever home! Ben, Benny, Barry, Bonnie and Benson are siblings!


Ben is a gentle and shy boy who might take some time to adapt into a new environment. He is very affectionate with people he knows and loves to follow them around like a shadow. When meeting strangers, he will be nervous at first, but he will still let strangers to pet him if they approach him slowly and gently. He sometimes approach strangers out of curiosity as well! Ben is great with both dogs & cats and he knows to stay away if the other party is not interested to interact. Ben is gentle with children and he will let them pet him, but he will want to hide away from active/loud children. Ben is in the process of learning housetraining, although he’s almost got it, accidents in the house is still expected. Ben is not too sure about how to play with toys and he prefers to stay quietly by his human’s side or watching TV than playing with toys. Ben is well-behaved during bath time and he is not afraid of the hair dryer. Ben is not very food-driven, and he doesn’t care if other dogs steal his food. Ben is a Formosan mix who will possibly grow to be around 50lbs when fully grown.