【Age】9 months old

  (Born in April 2019)
【Weight】14 kg

Ava was kept in a small crate ever since she was small and never once stepped foot out of the crate. This was seen by a neighbour who owns their own café and one day Ava's owner came in telling him, they want to take Ava and abandon her into the wild. The café owner quickly told a friend of his, who is a rescuer and they were able to stop the owner. After taking Ava into their care, they took her to the vet and besides being skins and bones, she is a healthy girl! Being in the foster care for a few months, Ava is now ready to start her second chance in life!


Ava is a very playful and friendly girl. She loves people and always shows how affectionate she is. When it comes to strangers, she’s not scared at all and will give licks as well. Ava is a playful girl who loves other dogs and enjoys playing with them. She is great with people and children. If kids gets too excited and starts running around, she will start to run around and do zoomies with them as well! Ava loves food but is not food aggressive towards dogs or people. She is still learning potty training but getting there! She will walk back and forth near the door if she needs to go outside for potty. She is curious of cats that she will try to sniff them and sometimes follow them around to see what they are up to. Ava is still learning to walk on leash, and she is very curious of the outdoor that she will sniff all the time during walks.