Audi  *Adopted*

【Age】about 2.5 - 3 years old

 (as of January. 2018)
【Weight】15 kg

Audi came from the shelter and was on the animal shelter kill list. His calm temperament has led the volunteer to rescue him out hoping to find his forever home. 


Audi is a bit shy around strangers at first but after some time and few treats to break the ice, he would come wagging his tail when he is called. Once Audi trusts his human, he is constantly looking for hugs and pets. 

He loves to play with other dogs, and gets along well with cats. He never chases after cats, and doesn’t bark after them. Audi can play actively with his canine friends and hang around peacefully with his feline friends. He is food-driven, yet he doesn't have the habit of guarding food and is happy to share food with other dogs and humans.


Audi is intelligent, loyal, easy-going, and would be a good addition to a family with both dogs and cats. 

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British Columbia, Canada

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