Ariel    *Adopted*

【Age】About 1 year old

  (As of Dec. 2018)
【Weight】11.7 kg

Ariel is a young mother of two adorable puppies who used to hide in a roadside bush and keep her pups underneath the stone stairs. She likes being with humans, however, and would come over if people called her. A few kindhearted individuals didn’t want to see Ariel and her pups live as strays and called for help. The love mom was able to rescue the group and resettle them with a foster family while looking for permanent homes for them. 


Ariel has a gentle and calm personality, and loves to get close to humans to show her love. She’s great with kids and strangers (even males!). She gets along with both cats and dogs but doesn’t particularly enjoying playing with them. She would rather spend her time latched onto her human! Ariel is quiet and has a weak spot for yummy treats. Although she is shy and unsure when being in a new environment, she is fairly adaptive. Ariel will need some warm and patient encouragement to further build up her confidence. She also needs further training on perfecting her walk while on leash! She’s been trained to do her business inside the home and will need further house-training. Let us know if Ariel is the loyal and loveable companion you’ve been searching for!

Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.