Anita  *Adopted*


【Age】11 months old

  (As of Nov 2018)


【Weight】10 kg


Anita was abandoned by her previous human and left to wander the streets looking for food. She used to walk down a street and go near every shop hoping someone would spare her something to eat, but no one was kind enough to offer her a meal and even chased her away with a broom. So many times while fleeing to avoid a possible beating, Anita almost got run over by oncoming traffic. One day, a love mom happened to pass by and saw what happened. She didn’t have the heart to leave Anita behind, and took her into her home, hoping to find Anita a permanent home once everything settles.


Despite these unhappy encounters, Anita never lost her love for humans. She still loves getting close and befriending everyone! Anita loves playing all day and exploring the world; she is submissive and understands commands very well. Since getting rescued, she has been undergoing basic training and socialization at her foster. She still has puppy characteristics, so Anita would blossom in a home with continuous training, playing, and tons of love! As a medium-sized mix breed puppy, Anita has mostly grown to her adult size. Apply today if you feel you are the family Anita’s been looking for and have a warm, forever home to offer for this loveable gal! Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.