Amy *Adopted*

【Age】6 months old

  (As of October 2018)
【Weight】11 kg

Amy and her mom was strays living in the countryside and they wandered in one of the volunteers' usual feeding spots. The volunteer saw them and were worried that Amy would not survive out there as she was too young, so she brought them back home to foster then with the intention in finding them their forever homes.

Amy is quiet and calm when she is alone, but she is very playful when there are other dogs around. Amy can be a little shy in new environments, but give her some time and she will love you to the moon and back. As she is still a teething puppy, she is still learning to differentiate between shoes and chewing toys and she loves to chew especially plush toys. Amy knows to potty outdoors and potty indoors on puppy pads. She also knows to sit and wait before eating. She does not guard her food towards human or other dogs. Amy cannot be off leash yet as she gets startled easily when there are loud noises such as sirens. Amy might get curious and approach cats but shows no aggression. Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.


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British Columbia, Canada

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