【Age】9 months
  (As of August 2020)
【Weight】11 kg

>> Background History <<

Amber was born a stray and captured to a shelter at a very young age. Amber is a sweetheart, but she has been staying in the shelter for a few months with no luck in finding a loving family. The shelter volunteer asked us for help and our volunteer decided to bring Amber into her foster care and helping to find Amber a permanent loving home! 

>> Temperament <<

Amber is a sweet, playful and cuddly girl. She loves cuddles and loves to interact with people. She is gentle and cuddly with children as well. She is a little nervous when meeting a stranger, but she will still let them to pet her if they approach her slowly and gently. Amber is great and friendly with dogs; she can quickly befriend with new dog friends that she just met as well. Amber is great with cats and she will sniff gently when she sees a new cat in the neighbourhood. Amber is gentle when taking a treat from your hand and she doesn’t guard her food against people nor other dogs. Amber is mostly house-trained, but being in a new environment, accidents in the house is still expected. Amber walks well on a leash and isn’t afraid of the sound of traffic. She loves to run around in a park and enjoys playing fetch. Amber gets nervous when being in a car, but with training, she will start to get used to it and learn to improve her balance in a moving car. Amber is a Formosan Mix, on the smaller side of medium-sized and expected to grow to be about 35lbs when fully grown.