Alisha *Adopted*

【Age】1 year 4 months old

   (As of June 2018)
【Weight】16 kg

Alisha was born a stray and roamed the streets and avoided unfriendly people until her previous owner took her home. However, Alisha was locked up in the balcony all day, and although fed daily she never enjoyed the normal home life. This all spiraled downward when one day her previous owner’s family decided they didn’t want to have the dog anymore and took her to a local shelter. Rescuers acted quickly and moved Alisha to a volunteer’s home, and she has been staying from foster to foster ever since.

Even so, Alisha never lost her love for humans, and longed for a permanent home. She is a quiet puppy, and likes getting close to other dogs to say hello upon meeting them. She needs some time to warn up to a pet from a human, but she’s great with kids and even cats. Alisha loves food – kibbles, fresh food, fruits, you name it she eats. She is house-trained, and routinely goes for a walk twice a day where she does her business. She’s great about keeping the indoor space clean, unless it’s long past her walk time! In her downtime, she enjoys getting treats and playing with her human. Alisha is looking forward to finding a warm and loving family to take her in and give her a lifetime of security and love! Let us know if you’re interested in Alisha!

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British Columbia, Canada

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