Alice   *Adopted*


【Age】10 months old

  (As of Jan 2019)


【Weight】12 kg


Alice got into a car accident when she was just a tiny, two-month old puppy, and spent a few months in the shelter. When she was rescued at 6 months, it was noticed that her legs are not properly aligned. A careful examination at the vet revealed that she never had proper medical treatment from when she got hurt, and the bones healed in a crooked way. The vet performed a surgery with the hopes of correcting the issue. The surgery was successful and after a few sessions of therapy, it is guaranteed that she would have no problem walking and running, but her uneven legs are permanent. Alice is an affectionate and optimistic girl that as long as she gets to play, her uneven legs doesn't seem to bother her!


Alice has now finished all her rehab/therapy sessions and got a clear pass from the vet. She is ready to start her second chance in life! Alice is a sweet and obedient girl who loves to cuddle and snuggle with her beloved human! She never complained or got mad once when she was going through rehab with the vet, and continues to warm people’s heart with her optimistic, bright personality. Alice is great with dogs and is playful around her canine friends. She loves to run on the grass and explore outdoor adventures! She’s also very good with kids! Alice is a Formosan/Shepherd mix and she is fully grown to be on the smaller side of medium sized. She’s current with all shots, and hopes to restart a wonderful and happy life in Vancouver with a loving family. Please give this adorable girl a chance by messaging or applying with us today!