Albert  *Adopted*


【Age】6 months old

  (Est. born in July, 2018)


【Weight】11.38 kg


A love mom found Albert wandering on the mountain alone, with no siblings nor parents. He was covered in ticks and had no fur on the tail. The love mom offered Albert some food, but he wouldn't spare a moment to eat, instead, he followed her around, looking at her with his puppy eyes and the love mom just couldn't’ leave him there alone. The love mom brought Albert to a shelter nearby at first, because she had too many strays at home and couldn't bring in another. In the shelter, Albert always stayed quietly in the cage while other dogs are playing or barking and he seemed to be very calm and mature at this young age. The love mom brought Albert home afterwards and  fostered him until now that Albert is healthy and ready to find his furever home!


Albert is a very calm and mature puppy. He is well-behaved at home and able to be left free roaming in the house when no one is around. Albert is great with other dogs and he is very gently when playing with other foster siblings. He may be shy of male strangers at first, but he will still let them pet him if they approach him slowly and gently. Albert walks well on a leash and he is house-trained that he knows to hold and potty outdoor. Albert is great and gentle with children, but he is afraid of cats somehow and he will stay as far away as possible from them. Albert has a calm and easy going temperament that he will be suitable for first time dog owners.