Alan *Adopted*


【Age】8 months old

  (Born in April 2018)


【Weight】15 kg


Alan was rescued from a shelter by an animal group and a love mom in Taiwan. This handsome boy is most likely a Pointer mix, and needs sufficient exercise as they tend to have higher energy levels. Despite his size Alan would be a great outdoor activity buddy! Alan is great with people and animals. He tends to be more cautious when approached by a stranger at first, but would still following whoever’s handling him on a leash.


Alan is courteous and gentle toward other dogs, and never guards his food against anyone or any other dog. He like staying close with his human and has great recall. He loves sniffing around on walks, which is done 3 times a day usually, and knows to keep up with the handler’s speed whether it’s walking or jogging. Alan is good with car-rides and knows to jump in and out of the car by himself. As a Pointer/Beagle mix, Alan will be more suitable with a family who is active and looking for a exercising partner. Alan does not like to be crated, but he is great with car-ride that he also knows to go in and out of the car by himself. Alan looks forward to enjoying all the excellent outdoor activities in Vancouver! Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.