Aladdin  *Adopted*

【Age】Est. 1 year & 3 months old

  (As of July 2019)
【Weight】10.3 kg

The rescuer met Aladdin by chance on a rainy day. She was on her way home from dinner and saw Aladdin wandering around the parking lot without a collar or anyone around. Aladdin was a bit skittish when the rescuer tried to pet him, but he approached as soon as she offered him the leftover chicken and followed her around for awhile. The rescuer asked the vendor beside the parking lot and the worker said Aladdin has been living in the parking lot for a few days already and seemed to be abandon there. The rescuer brought Aladdin to the vet for check up and the report shows that he is healthy, but without any tattoo or microchip. The rescuer took Aladdin under her care and decided to find him a good home!


Aladdin is great, playful with other dogs and he loves to chase his paw friends around. He is curious about strangers and will tried to give them a sniff, but if the strangers try to touch him, he will run away. Aladdin loves to snuggle with people he trusts and giving hugs and kisses! Aladdin is house-trained and he walks great on a leash. He is great in the car-ride and enjoys going out for a trip for adventure. The vet estimated that Aladdin is a Formosan/Shiba Inu mix that he has a think fur coat. Aladdin is on the smaller size of medium-sized, possibly fully-grown and he will be great with a family with an active lifestyle that is willing to take the time to gain his trust!