Aili *Adopted*


【Age】1 year and 2 months old

  (As of July 2018)


【Weight】14 kg


Aili’s stray mom gave birth to a litter of 5 puppies on a farm, but sadly passed away as she was unable to survive on no food or water. The 5 puppies were taken to the local shelter, but Aili was the only one left standing in that harsh environment. Originally, the rescuer went to the shelter for another dog, but saw Aili by chance. Seeing Aili coming close and wagging her tail, the rescuer decided to bring her out as well and help her find a loving, permanent home.

Aili is friendly with both people and dogs, but takes a little time to warm up and let her guard down completely. At her current home, she spends her everyday with her foster siblings and continues to be socialized with other animals. She’s not interested in cats but gets along well with little kids! She’s slightly unsure of strangers; it takes her some time to stop tucking her tail between back legs and come close for friendly contact. Aili is also slightly scared of places with many people and tends to stay close to the love mom in those situations. Aili is a sweetheart nonetheless! She never runs around in the house, doesn’t guard her food, and has great recall. She is house-trained, and currently goes on a walk three times a day for about 20-30 min each. She might even bring the leash over to you when it’s time for her walk! Like all puppies, she loves running on the lawn! Aili sometimes chews on paper products, but she stays away from furniture. Will you give this sweet, good-natured girl the lifelong family love she deserves? Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.


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British Columbia, Canada

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