Agnes  *Adopted*

【Name】 Agnes

【Age】 4 months old

  (Est. Born on March 20)

【Gender】 Female

【Weight】 7.5 kg

【Spayed/Neutered】 Spayed

Agnes, Adela and their siblings were born near a garbage depositary factory where the trucks go in and out constantly. Sadly, when a love dad found them. 8 out of the 10 wee pups were crushed under the wheels of these trucks. The love dad took a long time picking up the remaining corpses and giving them a burial. He quickly took in Adela and her sister, Agnes for their safety and reached out to our volunteer to foster them until now they are ready to find their loving homes for a second chance in life!

Agnes loves to play with other dogs, though she will take some time to observe and warm up to new dog friends first. Agnes is great with people and very affectionate/cuddly with people she trusts. She is generally good with strangers and enjoys to be petted, but she will take some time for some male strangers sometimes. She is great with children and loves to play with children as well. Agnes knows to potty outdoor/on balcony and also knows to use training pads for indoor as well. Agnes will cry a little at first when being left alone at home, but with time, she will know this is a safe place and there's nothing to worry about. Agnes loves to eat, although she doesn't guard her food against people nor other dogs, she will gulf down her food if someone tries to take away her food. With time, patience and training, Agnes will know that she will continuously be fed and she doesn't need to worry about starvation anymore. Agnes can be active and playful with outdoor activities and while playing with other dogs, but she loves to snuggle with her hooman on the couch at home as well! Agnes is wishing to find a loving family who would take her in and enjoy this beautiful life with her for a second chance in life!