Adeline    *Adopted*


【Age】6 months old

  (As of Jan 2019)


【Weight】15.7 kg


In mid-September 2018, a love mom found Adeline, an about 2-month old pup appeared on the mountain at her usual feeding spot for the strays. It seemed that Adeline was abandoned purposely there. She was severely malnutritioned with skin issues at the time. The love mom knew that Adeline wouldn't survive out there with her health condition, so she took her in to foster and took care of her. Adeline is now a healthy and happy girl who is waiting to start her second chance in life with her loving family!


Adeline will possibly grow to be on the larger size of medium-sized in her adulthood, under 55lbs. Adeline is very friendly to people and not afraid of strangers. She is very playful and very curious of the outside world. Adeline would fit in perfectly with active family who loves to go on adventures! She is great with small and big dogs and loves to play with them, but because she is larger in size and very playful, she will not be suitable with elder dogs in the same home. Adeline is great with kids and she likes to be with them. She is great with cats, however, as she is playful, she will be better to be with alpha cats who knows to set boundaries. Adeline is mostly house-trained, but being in a new environment, accidents in the first week is expected. She walks well on a leash and loves to sniff around to explore her surrounding!