Second Chance In Life Foundation is a non-profit organization, registered in Canada and operating in Vancouver, BC that aims at finding homes for abandoned animals. Our organization is 100% run by volunteers who devote their time and passion to help homeless animals in need. Our goal is to give all types of animals a second chance to live happily in loving homes, with an emphasis on animals that are abandoned overseas in Taiwan.


Animals brought in by Second Chance In Life Foundation will have gone through the mandatory medical examinations such as neutering/spaying, vaccinations, blood tests and micro-chipping. Medical records will be provided to the adoptive families.

All the animals that we rescued are placed in the foster homes prior to being placed up for adoption. Once they have passed all the medical examination, completed all the vaccines/medical requirements, passed behavioural/temperament test and ready to start a new chapter in their lives, we will post them up for adoption and start to look for loving homes for them.

Our organization aims at finding perfect homes for stray or abandoned animals, in the hopes that they will have a second chance in life. Many shelters and organizations in countries such as Taiwan are critically over-capacity. Some shelters have up to 200 abandoned dogs! Not to mention the number of stray animals in rural areas.


Second Chance In Life Foundation rescues, collaborates with other rescuers whom we call Love Moms & Love Dads, as well as helping a few animal shelters in Taiwan.

All our dogs are rescued dogs and about all of them are mix breed that we called them Formosan mix. In places such as Taiwan where stray dogs is a huge issue, the strays are mixed with a lot of different breeds in their DNA. Formosan is not officially a breed, but rather the dogs that live in the streets of Taiwan that may be mixed with native Taiwan dogs, German Shepherd, Akita, Belgian Malinois, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Shiba Inu, Husky, Bernese, Eskimo... etc. (Yes! Most likely a little bit of everything!)

About Us

" They may only be in a part of your life but you are their whole world. "

Owning a pet is hard work and a big commitment, 

so please consider clearly before adopting and brining a dog into your life.