Abigail  *Adopted*


【Age】5 months old

  (Est. born on January 25, 2019)


【Weight】7.5 kg


Abigail and her 6 siblings were found by a kind lady in the neighbourhood. The lady observed a few days secretly, but there is no sight of a mother dog. The puppies all have bloated belly full of worms due to consuming dirty water from the drain pipe of the residents and rotten food on the street. The lady helped them to expel parasite and feed them clean water/food regularly. However, as days go by, the puppies went missing one by one. One day, when she went feeding the pups, she saw Abigail and Anya are the only two puppies left and she reached out to our volunteer to help. Both Abigail and Anya started their life in our foster homes from that day and they are now ready to find their furever loving homes!


Abigail has a calm and mild temperament, and likes to keep herself clean. She warms up to strangers quicker under a gentle pet, and is friendly toward children. She loves playing with dogs, even when meeting for the first time! She is interested and friendly toward cats as well, and likes to get close to say hi. Abigail has no food aggression against anyone. She’s been house-trained, and walks well on a leash. Abigail likes company and enjoys following her human around! Let us know if you think Abigail is the gentle companion you’ve been waiting for!