【Age】1.5 years
  (As of September 2020)
【Weight】19 kg

>> Background History <<

Abel was rescued when he was about a month old. He was found up in the mountains near a hiking trail and he was very weak. The rescuer quickly took him to the vet and has been in foster home since then. The rescuer has been trying to find Abel a home, but being a black mix breed dog, Abel doesn’t receive many interests. The rescuer reached out to our volunteer and hoping to help Abel a forever loving home! Abel has cleared all health assessments and ready to join his new family! Note that there is a small area (about the size of a coin) on top of Abel's head that might not be able to grow fur due to the area was wounded when he was rescued.

>> Temperament <<

Abel is a Formosan mix and has fully grown in size. He enjoys playing with his doggie pals and will observe new doggies before playing. He is great with people he knows and loves to snuggle up or follows his humans around. When it comes to strangers, he will need some time to warm up to them but with treats, he opens up a little faster. He is good with children, but he won’t go up to them intentionally to say hi and he will prefer to stay away from active/loud children. Abel loves food and he is not food aggressive towards people, but sometimes guards his food from other dogs. Abel is very food-motivated and he engulfs his food, so he will need no learn to slow down! Abel is housetrained, but being in a new environment, accidents in the house is expected. Abel is curious about cats and he will want to get close to know them.