【Age】5 months old

  ((Est.) Born in October 2019)


【Weight】10 kg


Aaron was found by a lady who was walking her dog when she saw little Aaron sniffing around looking for food. She asked around to see if he was owned by anyone and an owner of a bookstore said he’s been in the area for a while just wondering around. Worried he might get hit by cars, the lady posted online for help and our rescuer saw the post and came to his rescue!


Aaron is a Formosan mix who will most likely grow up to be about a medium sized dog and will weigh about 40lbs roughly when fully grown. He is great with other dogs and love to play with them. Aaron is very affectionate to the people he knows and will give lots of kisses. Definitely enjoys a good rub down from his hooman. He is great with children and he will want to play with them though sometimes sudden movements or loud sounds might still scare him. Aaron is good even upon meeting strangers and will love you more when you give him treats. He loves food and he is not food aggressive towards people, but he will bark at other dogs when other dogs try to steal his food. Aaron goes outside for potty and he also knows to use training pads indoor, though sometimes it’s still a hit and miss! Aaron is curious but gentle with cats that he will want to sniff them and can also be calm sitting next to a cat as well. Aaron loves all kinds of toys, especially balls that he will keep them on his bed and sleeps with his toys.